Avid Secure and SentinelOne

Gain complete visibility into your cloud workload with Avid Secure and SentinelOne.

Enriching and Automating Avid Secure’s Multi-Cloud Visibility and Compliance with SentinelOne’s Autonomous Endpoint Protection


Avid Secure and SentinelOne have partnered to integrate Avid Secure’s intelligent multi-cloud security and compliance platform with SentinelOne’s Endpoint Protection to provide security teams with complete visibility into their cloud workloads. By combining SentinelOne with Avid Secure, security professionals are instantly able to determine whether resources are protected and understand the criticality of unprotected workloads based on resources they are communicating with.


  • Provides security teams the power to better prioritize protection needs based on the visibility and correlation of network traffic patterns.

  • Easy to consume visual representation of the unprotected cloud workloads to help gauge exposure to various attack vectors.

  • A simple “google like search” command to get a comprehensive list of all unprotected work loads across multiple clouds and accounts.

  • One click install or upgrade of the SentinelOne agent across multiple clouds and accounts.

  • Strong collaboration between the Security, GRC and DevOps teams. Alerts can be converted into tickets, which can be shared across various groups and issues can be fixed with one click remediation.

“Agility is a key use case for public cloud adoption. Avid Secure’s AI-powered cloud security and compliance platform provides us with real-time cloud workload protection status right at our fingertips. This is critical for our migration of several petabytes of data and many of our services to AWS and Azure."
Aaron Peck, Vice President and CISO, Shutterfly Inc.


  1. Avid Secure connects to SentinelOne via API. The integration can be easily enabled on the Avid Secure dashboard.

  2. Avid Secure then extracts information from SentinelOne where it is correlated with other data within Avid Secure to provide rich contextual information such as enhanced visualization as shown below

Watch integration in action


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