Avid Secure Joins the HashiCorp Technology Partner Program to Bring End-to-End Visibility and Compliance for Multi-Cloud Security

New Integration with HashiCorp Terraform Enables Customers to Continuously Monitor and Protect Cloud Workloads Throughout the Development Lifecycle

SAN FRANCISCO, Sep. 13, 2018 — Avid Secure today announced that it has joined the HashiCorp Technology Partner Network as a Technology Partner and announced a new integration with HashiCorp Terraform. This integration provides DevOps and Security teams end-to-end visibility and compliance for their multi-cloud workloads. By combining Terraform’s powerful infrastructure automation and orchestration capabilities with Avid Secure’s comprehensive and customizable security compliance features, security professionals are easily able to understand changes within their production environments. Organizations can use these tools to apply a consistent set of security controls from development to production.

“Agility is a key use case for public cloud adoption. However, agility must not be at the expense of consistency and security. HashiCorp Terraform Enterprise orchestrates and keeps your infrastructure consistent and secure while Avid Secure provides continuous visibility and compliance to ensure all changes are validated and authorized,” said Armon Dadgar, founder and co-CTO of HashiCorp.

“As a former security practitioner, I saw cloud changes happening all the time and as a result yearly compliance audits becoming invalid the moment they complete. Our integration with HashiCorp keeps the infrastructure continuously consistent, compliant and secure through these changes,” said Ganesh Krishnan, co-founder and CTO of Avid Secure.

DevOps and Security teams need to work closely together when deploying applications in dynamic, cloud environments. Security practitioners need to trust that as new infrastructure is provisioned by operators, it is consistent with organizational policy. DevOps and Security teams can use both tools to easily identify and review production changes made outside of Terraform, ensuring consistent deployment and security processes are being followed. As organizations grow, teams can apply a consistent set of hygiene policies across development, test, staging and production environments.


About Avid Secure
Avid Secure is an intelligent multi-cloud security compliance and monitoring platform. Avid Secure combines deep security expertise with the power of AI to deliver compliance automation, governance and security monitoring with a simple-to-use interface. Avid Secure helps enterprises reduce the time and cost for compliance by more than 40%, effortlessly apply and maintain security governance policies across their public cloud environments and reduce incident response times from weeks to minutes. To learn more, visit www.avidsecure.io or follow Avid Secure on LinkedIn.

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