Amazon GuardDuty Integration

Seamlessly view GuardDuty alerts across all your AWS accounts and regions in a single pane of glass with Avid Secure.

What is GuardDuty?

Amazon GuardDuty is a managed threat detection service that continuously monitors for malicious or unauthorized behavior to help you protect your AWS accounts and workloads. It monitors for activity such as unusual API calls or potentially unauthorized deployments that indicate a possible account compromise. GuardDuty also detects potentially compromised instances or reconnaissance by attackers.

How Our Integration Works

To use this integration, simply enable GuardDuty in your AWS environment and route your alerts to CloudWatch. Avid Secure will automatically ingest your alerts, providing you with complete visibility across all your accounts and regions in a single pane of glass. You can also leverage Avid Secure's other integrations, such as JIRA or ServiceNow, to automatically create tickets based on new alerts.